Free Sample: Dialog

A portion of the course is dedicated to listening to and practicing Spanish dialog. The following is a sample of the beginning level dialog. The dialog gets more complex as you progress through the course.

Use the audio player below to start the exercise


  1. First listen to the dialog while reading the transcript
  2. Next listen to the dialog without the transcript.
  3. Do not repeat what you hear yet. We will do this in the next exercise.

Sample Exercise

Basic dialogue, Part 2. John goes down the elevator and over to the cashier’s window. Just listen. Do not repeat.

John: ¿Puede cambiarme unos dólares?

Cajero: Sí. ¿Cuántos?

John: Diez. ¿A cómo está el cambio?

Cajero: ¿En billetes o en cheque?

John: Este cheque viajero.

Cajero: A cinco por uno, entonces. ¿Cómo lo quiere?

John: Ocho en billetes y dos en moneda. ¿Cuánto cuesta un taxi a la Embajada Americana?

Cajero: Dos pesos más o menos.

John: Gracias por la información.

Keep in mind that this is just a demonstration. These exercises are combined with dialogs and narratives to form a complete course that will have you communicating effectively in about 4 months.



More demos.

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