Free Sample: Substitution Drill

If you find this activity difficult, keep in mind that in the actual course, you will already have become very familiar with all of the words and what they mean. You will also notice that the more times you repeat this exercise, the better you perform. So be sure to repeat the exercise at least four or five times, and note how the more you practice, the easier it becomes for you to respond correctly.

Use the audio player below to start the exercise


  1. First practice with the written transcript.
  2. Next practice without the transcript.
  3. Be sure to speak out loud, at normal conversational volume.

Sample Exercise

Substitution drills. Item substitution.

¿Dónde está la caja?
Where’s the cashier’s desk?

¿Dónde está el señor?

¿Dónde está la señorita?

¿Dónde está la embajada?

¿Dónde está el ascensor?

Gracias por la pluma.
Thanks for the pen.

Gracias por el cenicero.

Gracias por la información.

Gracias por el lápiz.

Gracias por el cheque.


Keep in mind that this is just a demonstration. These exercises are combined with dialogs and narratives to form a complete course that will have you communicating effectively in about 4 months.


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