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The best product for you depends upon your goal. If all you want is to learn a little Spanish, then all you need is our free stuff. But, if you have a higher goal, read on . . .

Better grade or speak conversationally?

If you just want to get a better grade, then premium membership is probably all you need. But if you want to speak Spanish conversationally, then Camino del éxito is the way to go.

And, it is the only course that is fully integrated with the material on this website.

What are my choices?

  1. premium membership
  2. complete audio conversational course (45 units, 3 different levels + 6 free  months of premium access to per level that you purchase).

What’s the cost?

Premium membership is $9.99/month (recurring membership), or $44.99 for six months (non recurring). Our complete conversation course, 3 level bundle is $199.99 (comes with

18 free months of premium membership to, a value of over $100 for free).

How do I choose?

Just want a better grade?
Premium membership gives you access to many more practice activities.
Want to speak Spanish conversationally?
Get our complete, step by step conversation course – 3 levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) + 18 free moths of premium access to

What’s included in the premium content?


  • Premium Podcasts
  • 300+ additional quizzes
  • 100+ additional tests
  • 100+ additional oral exercises
  • 100+ final exams


  • Twice as many words for each vocabulary topic
  • Premium Daily Word (no promotional messages)
  • Complete Daily Word archive (2500+ words)
  • Premium Idiom Generator (1500+ idioms)

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