14. Premium Access For Your Students

We offer educational discounts whereby high school and college teachers can give their students premium access through their teacher accounts. The first step is to submit a verification form which we will use to verify that you are a credentialed teacher at an accredited high school or university.

Getting Verified

Note: If you have not yet signed up for a free teacher account, you must do that before you can continue.

  1. Click the “My Account” link at the top of the page.
  2. If you are not already logged on, you will need to do so now.
  3. Under “Premium Access” click on the “Do I Qualify?” link.
  4. Complete and submit the verification form.

Once we have verified your credentials, we will send you a message with prices and instructions for purchase.

After you have purchased, use the following instructions to give your students premium access.

Go to Your Manage Premium Access Page

  1. Click the “My Account” link at the top of the page.
  2. If you are not already logged on, you will need to do so now.
  3. Click the “Manage Premium Access” link. (Note: this link will not show up until we have verified your teacher status.)

Notice that this page shows your current balance, stated in “premium access-days.” A premium access day represents one student having premium access available to him for one day. Thus, if you have a balance 1,000 premium access days, you could give 20 students premium access for 50 days (20 X 50 = 1,000).

One economical way to stretch your balance is to just give your students access on particular days. You can easily do this by setting the expiration date to the next day. The bottom line is that you can manage your balance however you want.

Giving Your Students Premium Access

  1. Click on the “Manage Premium Access” button.
  2. Select the students you want to give premium access.
  3. Select a Start Date and an Expiration Date.
  4. Click the “Assign Premium Access” button.

Important Notes

  1. You can reclaim access days by revoking the premium access if this is not active.
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