About Us

Launched in 1998, studyspanish.com was a pioneer in educational websites. Over the years, we have provided free web-based services to millions of Spanish students and teachers.

Our online services and CD course have helped thousands of serious students learn to speak Spanish fluently. As a true 21st century company, we do not suffer from geographic constraints. Our extensive network of experts and specialists extends across the globe.

Key contributors include:

Ken Ryan

Ken began his entrepreneurial career at the age of seven, when he hosted a neighborhood carnival for muscular dystrophy, and he has never looked back. In 1996, he launched StudySpanish.com with the goal of creating the best website for learning Spanish. Like so many other technology success stories (Hewlett-Packard 1938, Apple 1975, Google 1998) StudySpanish.com was born in a garage. But, while Steve Jobs can claim to have started Apple Computer in a garage, Ken can top that. Not only did he start the company in a garage, he also lived there! He is extremely happy to report that neither he nor the company have resided in the garage for many years.

Navid Falconer

One of the few born and raised in Alaska, and fluent in both English and Spanish, Navid took over this business in 2009. With years of experience in IT and business architecture, Navid is responsible for how the new StudySpanish.com website looks and functions. He has worked hard  putting the new website together.

Mónica Zapico Falconer

Born in northern Spain, Mónica took her first trip abroad at the age of nine and thus began her passion for foreign languages. She studied at University of Oviedo, Spain, and she graduated in French from Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Oviedo. Languages were her hobby for years, and at some point she found herself translating from Latin and ancient Greek, conjugating in German, and translating from English into French and Spanish. Also passionate about traveling and cultures, Mónica has lived in England, Ireland and France. She eventually found herself in Alaska pursuing another dream, — graduating from a foreign University. She taught Spanish at Montessori schools in The Last Frontier while attending college. Mónica graduated in Languages from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 1998 where she taught for the Department of Languages for the following eight years. She travels to Spain, every year. Mónica has added content to this website for a few years now. She enjoyed building some of the lessons, quizzes and tests. You probably will hear her in some of the listening exercises, read some of the cultural notes that she has written for this site, and she is now in charge of contents and running the business.

Juan Gómez Rodríguez

Born in Arequipa, Peru in 1940, Juan grew up working in the small market owned by his parents. At the age of 18 Juan entered Universidad San Agustín Arequipa where he graduated with a degree in education. He went immediately to work as an elementary school teacher and later as a high school teacher. Juan continued his education, obtaining a Master’s Degree from La Universidad Católica del Perú, in Lima, and finally a Ph.d. in social sciences. Juan then worked 25 years as a college professor of history and anthropology, and retired from the University of Arequipa. He moved with his family to the US in 1995, gaining citizenship in 2000. He continues to teach Spanish at the college level in Alaska.

Alfredo Duarte

Alfredo Duarte specializes in media production, translation and performance. He is a native speaker of Spanish with a graduate degree in Linguistics & Media. He is also a certified interpreter in English and Spanish. In addition to those two languages, Alfredo speaks Russian and French. At CNN Alfredo hosted, wrote and produced a news magazine and a business program for broadcast to all Latin American countries and Spain. He co-authored the CNN Stylebook in Spanish and his written work has been published in the US, Latin America and the Russian Federation. At the Carter Presidential Center, where he was a media analyst, he was also the official translator for President Jimmy Carter’s articles for the Latin American press. He is the Spanish-language commentator, simultaneous interpreter and script translator for the Academy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Miss Universe Pageant, and Latin Grammys, live on TNT.


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