6. Teacher Registration

It is now time to explore the teacher side of the site. Please follow these instructions.

Registering as a Teacher

  1. Go to our home page: https://www.studyspanish.com/
  2. Click on the link “Membership Options” in the main menu bar.
  3. Click on the “Free Teacher Membership” link.
  4. Enter your Account Information.
  5. Click in “I am Teacher” Checks.
  6. Click “Submit and Confirm ».”

Confirming Your Registration

  1. Check your Email for our message.
  2. Click in the Link Confirmation

Record Your Teacher ID

  1. Your Teacher ID generated Automatically.

Important Note

We suggest that you use the same email address for both your student and teacher account.

7. Change Your Password2 minutesClick Here
8. Adding a Teacher ID to
Your Student Profile
2 minutesClick Here
9. Removing Students3 minutesClick Here
10. Re-entering Your Teacher ID2 minutesClick Here
11. Assigning and Changing
4 minutesClick Here
12. Viewing Student Progress2 minutesClick Here
13. Creating a Class4 minutesClick Here
14. Premium Access For
Your Students
5 minutesClick Here
1. Student Registration2 minutesClick Here
2. Change Your Password2 minutesClick Here
3. Take a Quiz and
Record Your Grade
3 minutesClick Here
4. Take a Test and
Record Your Grade
2 minutesClick Here
5. View Your Report Card1 minuteClick Here
6. Teacher Registration2 minutesClick Here