Getting a Better Grade

If you want to get a better grade in your class, you need to first be aware that there are three distinct areas that you will need to work on: grammar, vocabulary and oral proficiency.


We have over 100 separate grammar topics on our website. Study each topic before it is covered in class, and do the “free” activities. Then, after the classroom discussion, do the “premium” activities to cement what you have learned into your long-term memory, so that you don’t forget it before the test.


The most powerful tool for learning vocabulary is the simple flashcard — 3 X 5 cards with Spanish on one side and English on the other. Use them at times when you normally would be doing nothing — standing in line, riding the bus, waiting for class to start, etc. You can turn “wasted” time into productive study time. The key is that you always have a few flashcards with you.

Oral Proficiency

There is only one way to improve your oral proficiency: you must practice speaking out loud and at normal conversational volume!

Something that every student needs is confidence that he/she has reasonably good pronunciation. That is why we have provided a complete pronunciation tutorial.

Which Product to Choose

To get a better grade you may choose from 2 different options for premium memberships:

monthly premium for $9.99/month

lifetime for $119

Order Premium Access

To speak Spanish conversationally, you need our complete audio course, Camino del Éxito, included with either one of the two premium options.

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