Intermediate Spanish

If you’re an intermediate level speaker, chances are good that you have these problems:

1. difficulty understanding native speakers
2. translating in your head before you speak

Why You Have These Problems

Think back on your Spanish classes. How much time did you actually spend speaking Spanish out loud, in a conversational setting? How much one-on-one time did you get practicing with a native speaker? In most classes you don’t get very much individual practice at all. (Learn more.)

A Different Path

As an intermediate level learner, the problem is not that you don’t know enough.

You probably know quite a few words, and understand quite a bit of grammar. Learning more words and studying more grammar is not the path to conversational fluency.

The path of success lies in lots of one-on-one practice with a native speaker.

A Practical Solution

Our complete conversation course is perfect for both beginning and intermediate level students because it’s convenient, effective, and best of all, it’s like having your own private Spanish tutor. Learn more about our method.

Guaranteed! Or Your Money Back

The answer is obvious: In order to learn to speak Spanish conversationally, you need lots of one-on-one practice with a native speaker. With our course, you will get the practice you need to allow you to reach a level where you can finally have real conversations with native speakers.