La Sidra de Asturias – short version

The Cider of Asturias

  • Remember, expect this to be challenging.
  • First, read the English version.
  • Next, read the Spanish version.
  • Click the control to hear the audio.
  • Listen several times, following along on the transcript.
  • Finally, listen without looking at the transcript.
  • See how many words and phrases you can pick out.
  • Then try the long version.



Short Version

The Cider of Asturias

The fermented apple cider is the typical drink of the Spanish region of Asturias. The making of this drink is a process
in which often participate generations of families in this region. Due to the peculiarity of the serving of this drink, the
fermented apple cider has become a symbol. It is a tradition that has given fame to this land, not only in Spain but in many
other countries of Central America and South America.

La Sidra de Asturias

La sidra de manzana es la bebida típica de la región española de Asturias. Esta bebida es un proceso en el que frecuentemente
participan generaciones de familias de la región. Peculiarmente servida, es hoy en día un símbolo. Es una tradición que ha hecho
famosa a esta tierra no sólo en España sino en otros muchos países de América Central y América del Sur.