How it Works

Our course is designed to be used both at your computer as well as on your commute, at the gym, on a walk—anywhere you can take your smart phone or audio player. Because it’s so convenient to use, you’ll find yourself sticking with the program.

Step One:

The first time you listen to a unit you should definitely be on the companion website. Follow along on the written transcript (both English and Spanish) so that you have an idea of what is being said. Of course, you can also print out the transcripts.

Next Go Practice

Now that you have an idea of what is on the unit, you can take it with you and practice anywhere. You can play the audio on your smart phone or audio player device.

At first, you may not always be able to respond correctly and your instinct will be to refer to the transcripts. Don’t do it! If you are unable to respond correctly, simply repeat out loud the last thing you heard. Then, the next thing you hear will be the correct response, followed by a pause for you to repeat it.

It’s very important that you practice without referring to the written transcript. Try not to worry too much about understanding everything—complete understanding will come with practice. For a demonstration, check out these free samples.

Back to the Website

After you have practiced without the transcripts a number of times, go back and go through the disc again while viewing the written transcript. This time, you will pick up a lot more meaning, because you will be much more familiar with the material.

Then, practice some more without the transcript.

Before too long, you will be able to go through the whole unit without the transcript and understand nearly everything. Then it’s on to the next unit.

Start With Pronunciation

The first two units are different from the rest that follow. The first two are primarily concerned with helping you to establish very good pronunciation techniques right from the start.

Most courses don’t recognize that many people are a little bit shy or inhibited about trying to speak a new language. We understand and that’s why the first part of our course zeroes in on pronunciation, and quickly gets you feeling like you are “doing it right.”

Focus on Communication

With our course, we teach you the basics. You learn real life Spanish as you follow the life of an American who moves to a Latin American country. Always, the goal is learning to have meaningful conversations.

We choose vocabulary very carefully, and only include high-frequency words that are going to be very useful. Rather than distracting you with lots of words, we focus more on structures—structures that can be expanded and used in a variety of situations.

Here’s an example:

If you learn how to say, “I’d like a bowl of rice,” it then becomes quite simple to say, “I’d like a bowl of beans” or “I’d like a cup of soup.”

Two Guiding Principles

With our course your learning will be guided by two very important principles. First, you will learn a relatively small body of material so well that it becomes easy for you to reproduce it. This is known as “overlearning.”

The second principle concerns authenticity. The Spanish you will learn is Spanish as it is spoken in actual conversations—things you can really use when you travel and interact with native speakers.

By combining the principles of overlearning and authenticity with the convenience of audio immersion and the interactivity of our website, you really can learn to speak Spanish conversationally!