Comparing Courses

Typical Class

Length of class session: 60 minutes

Teacher Speaking: 30 min.
Students speaking: 30 min.
Total number of students in class: 30

30 min. ÷ 30 students = 1 min. per student per class session
30 class sessions per semester

30 X 1 = 30 min. per student for the entire semester

The Problem With Regular Classes

The above figure says it all. In a regular class, you will likely get very little individual speaking practice. You spend about $400 dollars, you travel to and from class about thirty times, you rearrange your schedule—and when it’s all over you will likely have received less than an hour of individual attention!

Is it any wonder that so many people fail to really learn Spanish in a regular class?

Now don’t misunderstand. We really admire language teachers and all that they do. But most foreign language teachers would be the first to tell you—they have too many students and not enough time.

Overburdened teachers must develop compromises to try to get around the problems associated with overcrowded classrooms. For example, they will divide the class into groups where students work with other students. But think about it. What you really need is a native speaker to practice with, not another student who may be at an even lower level than yourself.

What About Rosetta Stone®?

Because they advertise so much, we get a lot of questions about The Rosetta Stone®. It is our opinion that they have a pretty good program, but the price of their complete course, including the audio CD component, is more than our course—and this is important—Rosetta Stone® does not include a premium membership to!

Our Course Is Affordable And Effective

Imagine sitting comfortably at your own kitchen table with your own private Spanish teacher. Imagine that same teacher sitting next to you on your morning commute, or accompanying you on a stroll through the neighborhood. That’s the difference between a regular Spanish class and our course.

With our course, Camino, everything is one-on-one. You are always completely 100% engaged in one-on-one conversation. For every hour that you practice you will be actively engaged for the full 60 minutes! Learn more about our method.

Convenience Is Important

If you want to speak Spanish conversationally, it’s important that you practice a little bit nearly every day. Twice a week just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why the course you choose must be convenient to use.

Our course fits your lifestyle. You aren’t restricted by class schedules or chained to your computer. You study online first, and then take the audio units and practice in your car, on a walk, or at the gym. You can listen to them anywhere you take your smart phone or audio player.

So why put it off? Our course is convenient and effective. Best of all, it will allow you to achieve your goal of speaking Spanish conversationally!

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