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Other companies tell you that you can learn to speak Spanish quickly and easily, with practically no effort at all. Some even claim to have some sort of “magic formula.” Do you really believe all that?

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You’re Smarter Than They Think

No matter what those other companies say, in your heart you know that if you want to learn how to speak Spanish, you’re going to have to work at it. Anybody can do it, but you have to be willing to practice. So if you’re serious, read on . . .

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About Our Method to Learn Spanish

Here’s how it works. Imagine sitting comfortably at your own kitchen table with your own private Spanish teacher. That’s the difference between a regular class and our course. Rather than sharing your teacher with 20 or 30 other students, with our course everything is one-on-one. It’s quite possible that you will get more speaking practice during just the first couple of days using our course than you will get from that entire expensive “regular” class. We know that’s hard to believe, so click here for the proof.

We use an approach known as “guided imitation” that incorporates two very important principles. First, you will learn a small amount of material so well that it becomes easy for you to reproduce it. This is known as “overlearning.” The second principle concerns authenticity. The Spanish you will learn is Spanish as it is really spoken in actual conversations. Things you can really use when you travel and interact with native speakers. Learn more about how our method works.

The Timeframe Is 3 – 6 Months

You’ve got to be willing to stick with the program! There’s just no way around it. If you are expecting to become fluent in just a couple of weeks, you’re going to be disappointed. But, if you are willing to practice for 30 minutes a day, you can be speaking Spanish in about three to six months.

Convenience Is Really Important

To reach a level where you can speak confidently with native speakers, you will need to practice nearly every day. That’s why it’s so important that you choose a course that is very convenient to use. With our course, you aren’t restricted by class schedules or chained to your computer. You study online first, and then practice in your car, on a walk, or at the gym—anywhere you can take your smart phone or tablet. Because it’s so convenient, you will find yourself “sticking with the program.”

After practicing with unit number one, return to the website to reinforce what you have been learning, and then it’s back to the course for more practice. Pretty soon you will have the entire unit mastered and then it’s time to move on to unit number two. In Spanish there’s a saying. Paso a paso. Step by step.

What about regular classes or that “famous” course?

Most foreign language teachers will be the first to tell you—they have too many students and too little time. The bottom line is that in most regular classes you just don’t get much individual attention. And let’s not forget the high cost of regular classes these days. A typical beginning Spanish class is likely to cost over $400. Read more about the disadvantages of regular classes to learn Spanish.

And then there’s the Rosetta Stone®. Because they advertise so much, we get a lot of questions about them. So here’s our honest opinion—we’ve tried their program and we happen to think it’s pretty good. But their complete course is more expensive than ours, and even their complete course doesn’t include a premium membership to studyspanish.com!

Explain the online materials.

Our online materials are an important part of our method. When you purchase our course, you automatically get a premium membership to studyspanish.com and you also get access to our mobile app, Camino.

The companion website guides you through the course. A straightforward checklist for each unit tells you exactly what to do next, so you’ll never feel lost. The website has the complete written transcripts of all 45 units in both English and Spanish, along with links to the relevant premium areas of studyspanish.com. The mobile app will allow you to follow Camino on the go, from any Android or Apple device. Purchase the premium membership and you instantly get access to everything.

Why not just use the free stuff?

If you’re familiar with our website, then you know that there are over a thousand pages of free materials, including grammar lessons, quizzes and tests, oral practice, cultural notes—the list just goes on. In fact, a lot of people think we’re crazy to give away so much for free. So, with all of this free stuff you’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I buy the course?”

Well, there’s a method to our madness. We know that if you’re serious about learning to speak Spanish, you’ll come to realize that you need a complete, step-by-step conversation course. We’re confident that once you have sampled our free offerings, you’ll want to purchase a course that is completely integrated with our premium website. Check out these free samples taken directly from our audio course.

Renewal Discount

You’ll also be glad to know that when you’re done, we don’t just leave you to fend for yourself. When you learn a new language, you need to practice using it, or you risk losing much of what you have learned. That’s why we offer a lifetime membership.

Lots of our customers continue to use our conversation course and resources year after year because they use the website to keep their skills sharp. And, there’s enough advanced material on studyspanish.com and in our mobile app to take you to a very high level—if that’s what you want.

Spain or Latin America?

Many students want to know whether we teach the Spanish that is spoken in Spain, or the Spanish that is spoken in Latin America. We have some strong opinions on this topic, and you can read them here.

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Our students are very successful. Just read a few of our success stories to learn how people just like you have finally learned to speak Spanish conversationally.

Now you can try our audio course for 7 days free of charge. See for yourself how Camino immerses you in real daily Spanish conversations. With Camino you will feel you are in a Spanish speaking country and you are listening to real speakers interacting in our units. Give it a try for 7 days!

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A traditional Spanish class can easily cost $400 or more and you’ll probably find yourself in a crowded classroom with lots of other students. Our course is more like having your own private tutor, and it’s the only conversation course that includes grammar lessons and practice to give you the basis that will allow you to learn proper conversational Spanish. So if you really want to learn to speak Spanish—and you’re willing to work at it—order today, and download the app!

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