Camino: Free Samples

The Path

Below you will find several samples from our complete conversation course—Camino. Each one is an example of a different type of learning strategy.

Free Samples

  1. Dialog
  2. Listen and Repeat
  3. Substitution Drills
  4. Replacement Drills
  5. Translation Drills
  6. Variation Drills

Listen and Repeat

Sometimes the most effective method is to simply listen and repeat. With these, the most important thing is to listen very carefully and try to repeat exactly what you hear. Free Sample.

Substitution Drills

This is a very effective strategy where the student manipulates a phrase or a sentence, making slight changes based on cues given. It’s a lot easier to understand by just doing one! Free Sample.

Replacement Drills

These are quite similar to the substitution drills above, but are slightly more complex. Again, it’s easier to show you than to explain. Free Sample.

Translation Drills

Translation drills help you to learn to quickly and automatically communicate specific ideas. Free Sample.

Variation Drills

These are translation drills that take selected basic sentences and require you to create Spanish translations that are similar in structure. Free Sample.