Common Questions

What does “Camino del éxito” mean?

The title of our course means “Path”. We chose that title because our course is a step-by-step, systematic method to get you speaking Spanish conversationally, the path to learn Spanish.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, the entire course and its audio works great on all smartphones and tablets. You may download our mobile app, compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Why is your course better than the others?

Our course is the only course that is completely integrated with the material on this website. By combining the convenience of streaming audio with the interactivity of the Internet, you will be speaking Spanish conversationally in about 3-6 months. Comparing courses.

Why choose this course over the free services?

The free material is great, but it is not a full course. Camino is a complete step-by-step audio conversation course that also incorporates the free and premium material on this website.

Can I practice during my commute?

Yes, definitely. First, you study online, and then you practice anywhere you can take your smart phone. Learn more about our method.

How long is the course?

Each audio unit averages 50-60 minutes each, and there are 15 units per level. But remember, you will be listening to each unit multiple times, not just once.

What type of Spanish do you teach?

In our audio course, the speakers all have a generic Latin American accent. On our website, we have speakers from both Spain and Latin America. Learn more.

Do you offer any samples of your course?

Yes. We have prepared a series of demos that illustrate the techniques used in our course. Learn more.

Can I give it a try before I purchase?

Absolutely. You may try our immersion conversation course for 7 days free of charge.

Have others been successful?

Yes. We have gotten lots of feedback on our course. Read a few success stories.