Description of the Levels

There are three levels of our audio course, Camino del éxito. Each level introduces different aspects of Spanish to the listener. Read the descriptions below for more information on each level.

Level 1

Level 1 will immerse the user in real daily conversations which have not been slowed down. It is considered a beginners level, but challenging enough to those who have been taking Spanish classes without much practice in conversational skills. Full sentences and very useful structures are presented throughout level 1.

This level mainly uses the Present Tense, showing many different questions that anyone will use daily. It will teach you how to give directions, talk about likes and dislikes, and provides practice in social pleasantries and commands. It encourages the user to practice the change in subject pronouns within a same sentence or similar scenarios. Uses verbs like “gustar”, present progressive, introduces past participles, covers days of the week, and all interrogative pronouns.

Is Level 1 right for you?

  • You have never been exposed to conversational Spanish.
  • You have taken Spanish classes, but never had a good chance to practice conversational Spanish.
  • You have heard and spoken a little Spanish in classes or travelling but it is still quite challenging for you to come up with Spanish sentences or to understand native speakers.

Level 2

Level 2 will immerse the user in real daily conversations spoken by native speakers. It is considered intermediate level. It includes a variety of verbal tenses within the conversations, verbs with prepositions and demonstrative adjectives. Level 2 includes thorough practice of direct and indirect pronouns within the sentences, forming of exclamations and reflexive verbs.

Is Level 2 right for you?

  • You have already completed Level 1 of Camino del éxito (optional).
  • You do not include most verbal tenses in your Spanish conversations, and you are still intimidated about direct and indirect object pronouns.
  • In your Spanish classes you have covered reflexive verbs, past tenses such as preterite and imperfect, but you would not feel comfortable yet using those tenses when you speak Spanish.
  • You can understand some Spanish when addressed but it is still quite challenging to follow native speakers and putting together ideas in Spanish conversations.

Level 3

Level 3 will immerse the user in real daily conversations spoken by native speakers at normal speed. We consider it advanced conversational level. It includes many verbal tenses including the perfect tenses in different forms, and the use of subjunctives. The user is taught in giving formal dates and extensive use of prepositions “por” and “para” within complex contexts, and uses of verbs like “gustar” in their various forms.

The form “Hay” is used throughout some of the units to master the use of this impersonal verb form, as well as superlatives and the formation of adverbs. Real Spanish daily conversations continue within this advanced level teaching how to use possessive pronouns and demonstratives to make more complex sentences, using comparisons of equality and inequality, and using past participles.

Is Level 3 right for you?

  • You have already completed Level 2 of Camino del Exito (optional).
  • You have been exposed to some conversations in Spanish either in class or during trips abroad, and have used some past tenses.
  • You would like to feel comfortable using all verbal tenses in Spanish and master the user of Subjunctive within conversations.
  • You feel like you can understand about 75% when listening to native speakers, but you still feel like they speak too fast.
  • You still stop to think what you would like to say in Spanish when keeping conversations within a classroom context.
  • You feel intimidated speaking with native Spanish speakers.