Free Sample: Variation Drill

Variation drills are a form of translation drill, but with sentences that are all very similar in structure. Note that when you are actually doing the course, these drills are all based on sentences from the real-world dialogs that precede them.

Use the audio player below to start the exercise


  1. First practice with the written transcript.
  2. Next practice without the transcript.
  3. Be sure to speak out loud, at normal conversational volume.

Sample Exercise

Variation drills. Translate the following similar sentences.

No, está lejos.

No, it’s near.
No, está cerca.

No, it’s to the right.
No, está a la derecha.

No, it’s to the left.
No, está a la izquierda.

No, it’s up ahead.
No, está adelante.

Yes, it’s at the entrance.
Sí, está a la entrada.

Yes, it’s here.
Sí, está aquí.

Yes, it’s there.
Sí, está ahí.

Keep in mind that this is just a demonstration. These exercises are combined with dialogs and narratives to form a complete course that will have you communicating effectively in about 4 months.

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